Head & shoulders of man with beardI‘ve been earning a living from writing since the 1990s. I wrote features and columns for specialist weekly magazines Young People Now and Children Now. I’ve written features for Social Work Today, Community Care, Guardian Society and New Statesman. And I edited websites Youth Money and Leicester Finance.

I still do some journalism, most recently for Third Sector magazine. I also work with charities, writing awareness-raising and educational materials.  If I’m free, I’ll gladly take on other challenging and purposeful writing jobs.

I’m no geek, but I’m not fazed by technology. I can create and install self-hosted WordPress sites and customise CSS and html as needed. I’m comfortable with basic data-mining, cleaning and editing and using basic tools such as Google Fusion for maps. I use Datawrapper or Tableau for other data visualisations.

I call myself PJ because that’s been my byline for years. I kept getting confused with another Peter White. But you can call me Peter, Pete, Pedro, Пётр or anything like that. I’m flexible and friendly, and answer to anything reasonably polite.

There’s a little bit more about what I do on the alt62 website, which is the business I help run.