The Purloined Clinic
Part I
Six Roses ou Cirrhose?
The Patient Is Always Right
The Seven-Minute Hour
Part II
The Quarterly Affair
What Maisie Didn’t Know
School of the Blind
A Problem of Growth
Schneebaum’s Confession
Wolfe in Wolfe’s Clothing
The Purloined Clinic
Kundera’s Legerdemain
The Trial of Alyosha
Part III
The One-Way Mirror
A Girl of the Zeitgeist
The Window Washer
Forty-one False Starts 
Depth of Field 
A House of One’s Own 
The Woman Who Hated Women 
Salinger’s Cigarettes 
Capitalist Pastorale 
The Genius of the Glass House 
Good Pictures 
Edward Weston’s Women 
Nudes Without Desire 
A Girl of the Zeitgeist 
Advanced Placement 
The Not Returning Part of It 
William Shawn 
Joseph Mitchell 
Thoughts on Autobiography from an Abandoned Autobiography
Nobody’s Looking at You
Nobody’s Looking at You 
Performance Artist 
Three Sisters 
The Émigré 
The Storyteller
The Art of Testifying 
Special Needs 
Comedy Central on the Mall 
Pandora’s Click
Dreams and Anna Karenina 
The Master Writer of the City 
Women at War: A Case of Sexual Harassment 
It Happened in Milwaukee 
Sisters, Lovers, Tarts, and Friends
A Very Sadistic Man 
Remember the Ladies 
I Should Have Made Him for a Dentist 
Introduction to Extract from Forty-One False Starts 
Extract from Forty-One False Starts