A lot of financial advice aimed at young people is thin, boring, partial and irrelevant. Too much is influenced by financial companies with products to sell. Too much is shaped by consumer experts obsessed with interest rates and money-off bargains. Little begins where it should, with what young people actually need, when they need it.

I was grateful when MoneySuperMarket gave me a chance to write some sound youth money advice. While there’s a lot more to be said, these five articles are a start.

Basic money skills for young people

How to move from handling pocket money and earnings from Saturday jobs to adult money management

Advanced money skills for young people

Once you’re familiar with the ideas behind tracking your money and living within your means, you’re ready to go up a gear.

Money: what you need to know

A guide to handling your personal finances

Young people’s attitude to money guide

Nobody’s money personality is fixed. You can change over time. Finding a balance is the healthy way to money management.

Young people, relationships and money

How do relationships change the way you spend, save and think about money?